Letter from the Director           Instructions for registration


Here is the information for our New Life Summer Camp.  This is going to be another exciting year for our youth.  I believe God is going to give us GREAT BREAKTHROUGHS! and give us a breaker anointing.


The camp will be at Camp Elkanah La Grande, Ore on July 30 through Aug 3rd.

(Students 1st grade through 12th grade may attend.)


There are several Items you need to know.


Please NOTE:  If the camper is in the 6th grade, but is younger in age or maybe not as mature as most, the youth leader and/or parent can opt for the younger camp at their discretion. ( It must be noted on the application.)

  1. On the web site at (newlifesummercamp.com) you will find:

          a. Camp Applications (Staff and Camper)

          b. Camp map

          c. Flyer

          d. Promo video

          e. Items to bring

          f. Camp Schedules

          g. Prayer and fasting schedule.

          h. PayPal for online payments

          i. Camp manual/overview (a requirement for all staff attending the 2018 Summer Camp)

  1. The first step for all staff will be to fill out the counselor’s application package which includes:

         a. 2018 New Life Summer Camp Staff Application (please fill out online possible.)

         b. Summer Camp Counselor Certification Agreement. (Please fill out online.)

c. Form 910 Requests for CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK and form 910a


d. If we have your previous background checks on file, or if you church has one on file, just email me a copy.

  1. IF you are accepted, you will be asked to read the camp staff manual and fill out the overview to be turned in by July 1st. (they are also on the website)
  2. We are asking all that attend the camp to register on line at the camp website www.newlifesummercamp.com. This will simplify the entire process and will assist us in the registration.
  3. To be able to keep the cost for the campers @ 110.00 We are asking each camper and staff to bring their personal insurance info. as the primary insurance and your local church info for the secondary.  Most churches have a rider for off campus activities. (Leaders should check with their agents.)
  4. Each staff member will be asked to pay for their own camp rental ($12.00 per night) each. The same structure will be used for insurance as the campers. (again this helps us to keep our cost lower)
  5. We will supply a T shirt for each staff person, to be pre-ordered with proper size by June 1st.
  6. The dates and price deadlines are stated on the applications.
  7. The sooner I can get a count of campers the easier it will be to determine the need for food, staff, etc.
  8. We will be ordering Camp T shirts; it is necessary to pre-order with your sizes with your registration on June 1st or before. 
  9. I am asking each Pastor to set up regular times of fasting and prayer for the New Life Summer Camp. There will be a schedule posted on the web site. We will also have altar workers and a prayer team for this camp.
  10. We will accept campers on a first come basis. Please make note that the junior high and teen camp (6th through 12th grade) will be at the same time as the (1st through 5th grade)
  11. All campers will be the responsibility of each church arriving at the camp until they are registered and the luggage delivered to the cabins.
  12. I have set up a link page for the camp that you can access, and / or correspond by email.  www.newlifesummercamp.com
  13.  If you know of any person, corporation or organization who might be willing to donate cases of food or snacks, it would really help us to keep the costs lower.


If I can be of further assistance or if you have questions or suggestions which we have not addressed, please feel free to contact me:


Ron Clagg

Home 208-454-1758     

Cell 208-989-3022     ronclagg@msn.com


Looking forward to seeing you at camp,


Bishop Ron Clagg

New Life Summer Camp Director  


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