New Life Summer Camp Student Leadership Guidelines


A. Goals:


1.To provide opportunities for personal growth and leadership skills for Camp students attending the new Life Summer Camp.

2. One of the New Life Summer Camp purposes is to help prepare our students for their future. We want to provide opportunities for our students to engage in activities that will help them experience new levels of responsibilities that will prepare them for their God given callings and giftings.

3. While being able to enjoy and participate in the full scope of a camper and its full range of involvement, yet still be able to engage in activities that will help further their leadership skills.



B. We offer the following categories for our students:


1. Worship Team

2. Media Team (Audio, Video, Photography, Graphics)

3. Rec. Team

4. Snack Bar Team

5. Registration

6. Prayer Team

7. Kitchen Staff

8. Counselor Leadership

9. Teacher’s Aid






C. Boundaries and limitations


1. All camp rules apply.

2. All schedules will apply (except special permission from The Camp Director)

3. Must maintain proper respect to all camp staff.

4. Must respect other students and not show a superior attitude, but a spirit of humility and gratitude. To receive positive correction when deemed necessary.

5. Must demonstrate a positive attitude about the camp and its mission and goals. Must be a team player.

6. Will have a performance review from Camp Coordinator or camp Director at the end of the week.

7. Based upon the review will have an opportunity to return to camp at the age of eighteen to become a full staff member.



D. Rewards:


1. Will Receive a certificate of Accomplishment and special recognition at the final awards ceremony.

2. Will receive a snack bar ticket worth $20.00

3. Will get to be a part of a great move of God with your peers.



E. Requirements:


1. Must fill out an application. (A regular staff app with all applicable information)

2. Be approved by The Camp Director.

3. Be willing to abide by these stated guidelines.




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